Sunday, February 19, 2012

black sabbath - live at last

released 1980

we all know who black sabbath are/were

and we all agree that the first 6 sabbath albums are all you really need to own

and we all know that black sabbath without a member of black sabbath isn't really black sabbath ( know what i'm talking about)

and are you like me in feeling that when ozzy osbourne talks...he either needs to sing the words or come with subtitles?

i remember picking this up on cassette back in the 5th grade at a k-mart and listening to it way too much (the 19 minute jam that is "wicked world" was...and still is...where it's at)

this is the only officially released (though unapproved by the band) live document of the ozzy-era black sabbath (we're not going to talk about the 1998 released REUNION album)

so...will you welcome...BLACK SABBATH

happy birthday,tony iommi

1 - tomorrow's dream
2 - sweet leaf
3 - killing yourself to live
4 - cornucopia
5 - snowblind
6 - embryo/children of the grave
7 - war pigs
8 - wicked world
9 - paranoid

DL: live at last

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