Sunday, January 8, 2012

California Love + Gehenna - Split 7"

Label: A389
Year: 2010

California Love is a good name for a band that trades on roaring, metallic hardcore complete with atonal guitar "solos" and blast beats. California Love would also be a good name for a swingers resort near Lake Tahoe. FYI, the band has members of Look Back And Laugh, Dead And Gone, Talk Is Poison, Mindless Mutant, Needles, and others.
Gehenna plays Motorhead x Unbroken style hardcore with vocals that sound like a sand storm rolling across your face. You are no doubt privy to their "legendary" antics, but regardless, the music speaks for itself. Raging.
A389 continues their track record of releasing the most scathing bands going, kudos to them, go visit their catalog.


1 comment:

anek said...

gehenna is like old bathory, only better. this split rules.

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