Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bitch Magnet - Ben Hur

Label: Glitterhouse
Year: 1990

Essential. This is one of those records that you can start tracing a lot of your favorite bands back to. Anybody in the genres of post hardcore, math rock, noise rock, or basically any of the loud/quiet/loud stuff on this blog, owes quite a debt of gratitude to Bitch Magnet. Not to mention the name Bitch Magnet, that was a tough one to explain to the often overly sensitive flowers who would be around bands like this one.
Also of personal note: Bitch Magnet qualify as a "North Carolina band" (although originally from Ohio), which allows them entry into my own vaunted Top Ten List Of North Carolina Bands, that I keep meticulously updated. They are no doubt, very proud.



Daniel said...

I remember seeing this record and alot of my peers diggin' on it....I missed the boat. Guess I'll check it out 22 years later, thanks.

Chris Rawk said...

Yeah, I'm way late to this party. Good looking out though, from what little I've heard so far, this should be a great listen. Thanks again, the site is good times indeed!

Anonymous said...

this and their other two records just got reissued, super cheap triple cd with tons of bonus stuff....

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