Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kittens - Tiger Comet

Label: Sonic Unyon
Year: 1997

Man On Street #1: Have you heard the Canadian band Kittens?
Man On Street #2: Wait....what?! Are you calling me a pussy?!
Man On Street #1: No, I was just wondering if you had heard them, because you really like Godheadsilo, and Helmet, and Tad, and Unsane, and....
(interrupting) Man On Street #2: Motherfucker! If you call be a pussy again I swear to Jesus, I'm gonna punch you square about your head and neck!
Man On Street #1: Easy friend, I'm not attacking you, I'm merely trying to turn you on to some quality rock music. Sheesh! No reason to get all bent out of shape.
Man On Street #2: I guess I overreacted huh? Sorry man, I've just been under a lot of stress with work, and the new baby...
(interrupting) Man On Street #1: ...and with being a full-time pussy to boot (hits Man On Street #2 on windpipe).
Man On Street #2: (on ground gasping for breath) *wheez, hack, cough* I guess you were right all along...*cough, cough, blood*

el fin



Anonymous said...

A 100% real life conversation. Happened to everyone at least once.

the carp said...

what matters here is it's the fucking kittens. one of our most dearly loved and missed. not on this album but whenever they played 'pluto' it was ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I miss the subtle Tool bashing in your texts (or was it Ipecac?). Need more Tool bashing.

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