Sunday, December 11, 2011


2009, Wooden Man

New Haven, Connecticut's Bloarzeyd here with their bloMaArDzOeNyNdA seven inch; you get their covers of Material Girl and Open Your Heart. Holy shit!

'Nuff said.

However!! Bloarzeyd is set to reunite... maybe.
They posted here on their facebook to a link here with a petition, stating:

"We the undersigned seek the reunion of the two-headed noise-beast once known as Bloarzeyd. To achieve this joyous state of universal equilibrium, Phil needs to relocate to Colorado, the state where the plains meet the Rockies, the greatest state in the union, so that Bloarzeyd may reunite and reign noise and arrhythmic terror upon mankind*.

*The undersigned waive his or her right to file any claim or charge or complaint against or on behalf of any other person or organization or any federal, state or local court or administrative agency against Bloarzeyd for existing, or any activities they may partake in by right of existing and being Bloarzeyd Amen."

Sounds good to me, though I've already signed. And, if ya clicks the download there, go and show a little respect and sign their petition; if you're already familiar with the band you know enough already to go and do so.

Go sign the petition here, and you can download the single here.

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