Thursday, December 29, 2011


Watch it.

At just under a hour this is some of the greatest footage I've seen of the band this early on; the only thing that could make this better than what it is already would be if Symptom of the Universe had already been written and performed in this set.. or was it written? I dunno.

And listen to it; it sounds great.
And I think I improved on the sound by extracting the audio and raising the bass by 200 over 12 from where it already was in the recording, and I reprinted the audio to make a fairly tidy single .mp3 for us to listen to.

So, the set list follows:

1 Introduction
2 Paranoid 01:51
3 Hand Of Doom 05:00
4 Rat Salad 11:52
5 Iron Man 13:15
6 Black Sabbath 19:40
7 Intermission 29:19
8 N.I.B. 31:13
9 Behind The Wall Of Sleep 36:45
10 War Pigs 42:40
11 Fairies Wear Boots 51:00

Happy Holidays, hope yer having a nice Yule.

Black Sabbath - Paris, 1970


savethecirclepit said...

I found this on Youtube a few years back and lost my shit. Ever since I have wanted to own a copy on DVD and ended up getting one off Soulseek. This footage rules on so many levels. I have always felt they should have included this in the box set instead of the weak ass dvd they ended up putting in there. If you are someone who has ever wondered why people jock Sabbath so much, then watch this footage and forever be in the know.

antidarling said...

I think this was a two part broadcast on the BBC way back when...though I can't be sure of the exact date. I saw it repeated on TV in England back in the 90s.

Gray said...

3000% awesome!

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