Thursday, December 29, 2011

Atlanta! - Thursday January 5th, Be At The Star Bar...I Command Thee!

Atlanta, as I must assume your own local burg, has many, many wonderful and beautiful rocknroll bands prowling its back alleys and marauding its womenfolk. Many. And thusly, Atlanta plays host to these rapscallions on a regular basis as they attempt to hone their "chops", "licks", "rolls", and "skats" on the dimly lit, beer scented, scum caked stages across the town.
I, as I must assume you as well, am far too ridiculous to leave the safety of my own home in order to reveal with these youthful merrymakers. My days are long, and my free time far too precious (blog much?) to darken the doors of the nearest beer hall in hopes of being deafened by the myriad of wonderful and beautiful rocknroll bands I mentioned earlier. Usually.
This changes next week, next Thursday to be exact. Thursday, January 5th, 2012 (holy shit, 2012) at the Star Bar in Little 5 Points to see:
Bukkake Boys - fucking hardcore, real life hardcore

GG King - Redd Kross vs TSOL, featuring Quadiliacha, Carbonas, Regicide, basically every ATL band ever, people

Hawks - there is nobody denser, nastier, or more sickening currently playing than them

Shaved Christ - no brakes, no filler, two hands around your neck hardcore, featuring American Cheeseburger, etc. people

Manic - DRI vs Siege, thrashing hardcore
can't listen

Wizard Smoke - a burnt out, hash hammer of Sabbath riffs, featuring a member of Maserati

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