Tuesday, November 8, 2011

they never sleep - mother nature sings her lullaby

released 2009

"pornographic images fill my head"

and with that...we begin our journey

while listening to this...you may find yourself thinking "wow...these folks really like them some god bullies"

that's because 3/5 of the band make up this band (vocalist mike hard/guitarist david livingstone/drummer adam berg)

they're joined by bassist karen neal (who was in the band thrall along with mike hard)

and if you've ever wanted to hear a drunk satan cover the song "morning dew"...this be the place

so...with all of that being said...

DL: mother nature sings her lullaby


staticfraction said...

Goddamn thanks so much!! been looking for this!

Anonymous said...

God Bullies and saga always is a good new!

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