Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ifihadahifi - nada surf ep+3

released 2011

the band describes themselves as "bitter,pissy assholes who play loud,unlistenable cacophony with a dance beat"

just our kind of folks

do you dig stuff like:

the united sons of toil? (whom the band shares a state with)


mission of burma?

at the drive-in?

les savy fav?

guy picciotto led fugazi?

so...what you need to do now is...wipe the slobber away from your mouth with the sleeve of your shirt...and then click the DL

and then burn the shirt (we're not gonna talk about the substances that could probably be found on the sleeves...i mean...once the shirt ends up looking like a motel bedspread under a black light...it's time to move on)

DL: nada surf ep+3

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