Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Skewbald - Grand Union

Label: Dischord
Year: 1991

Released in 1991, but recorded in 1981 during a Minor Threat hiatus, these songs are sometimes considered the "lost Minor Threat" since they basically sound like Minor Threat, no doubt because Ian Mackaye is singing and Jeff Nelson is playing drums. The other two members are Eddie Janney of Rites Of Spring, Faith, Happy Go Licky, Faith, etc., and John Falls who was in Youth Brigade for a minute or two and has done a lot of the Dischord graphic design over the years.
The band formed as Grand Union, but Ian wanted to change it to Skewbald, and they never really got beyond that, hence the name of this record. Not long after recording three songs, Minor Threat reactivated, and Skewbald/Grand Union was over. No shows, no record, nothing. Not until Dischord reached a release number that was a factor of ten, and needed an Ian MacKaye project to cover it, years later. The old recording session was dug up, and Dischord number 50 has in the bag. Easy.



Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks for this. Never heard this one before.

Anonymous said...

where'd your aol post go

Gray said...

The original person who taped the Archers Of Loaf show requested we remove the link, because somehow we lack scrupples by sharing someone else's bootleg, which is beyond me how that works, but, that's that. I'm sure the band is making tons of scratch off that dudes bootleg...oh wait...I forgot, it's a bootleg.

abbottoirez said...

Really though. It's a bootleg.
It's not an official release; it's not an officially requested/sanctioned bootleg(like Morphine's Live in Detroit), it's not an officially released bootleg like the one out of Atari Teenage Riot's three live releases.. I dont't understand how it could be because of converting the lossless files to mp3 either as NYCTaper there makes those available alongside his .flac copies...


This is a bootleg, right?

abbottoirez said...

Also, I've seen him sharing his lossless files on different trackers where sharing anything but (that isn't lossless) isn't really encouraged; he sidesteps that by including a link to his blog where one can get mp3 copies anyway. Fair enough.

But, if your bootlegging live sets of music, while you might like it if anyone didn't fuck with your files by editing them or transcoding to different formats or whatever, it'll probably happen if you're naking these recordings avalable to anyone beside yourself. And really, we can't really complain when it does happen.

However, if we want to get our arse up and say "No, you can't use what I've widely made available to you and everyone else though have I've no ownership of it and I'm not part of or representative of the artists!", then we'd be foolish to think that we even remotely have that right.
Funny thing is, same thing applies to the people who make money off of bootlegging without any recompense to the artists.
BOMP! records did a solid by actually paying artists whose work they pressed/released; the folks we see on ebay selling cdr's of burnt lossless files are an example of this parasitic sense of entitlement we see from such purveyors of "fan" made media.

abbottoirez said...

Anyway, you did a solid by reposting that with a link to buddy's blog there; right classy. Bet you know how to man-handle a shitty diaper, too.

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