Tuesday, November 29, 2011



Monsterbator hail from the easternmost city in North America, St. John's, Newfoundland, and have crafted a record that shakes and rocks, pulses and grinds, and while some of their influences are worn proudly on their sleeves the sound they make with the bass, drums, guitar, keyboards (yes, keyboards!) and vocals setup is urgent and fresh like it just came in the mail tomorrow.

One of the first times I saw the band play live I turned to shout into my buddy's ear over the beer and sweat and volume of it all that these guys sounded like a cross between the Melvins and the Cars. Well, maybe. Maybe aspects of what it'd sound like if Scratch Acid were to make babies with Ho-Ag, and there's definitely some sort of scary dance party thing happening here. Also, on the vinyl version of Precious Rhino I find myself thinking again and again that it sounds somewhat like a Cows record, but I do think this is more due to how the recording transferred to this medium than the bands actual and near perfect performance.

Below is a paypal link for you follow if you would like to buy a copy of the vinyl edition of this record; believe me, as great as it is in it's digital format the actual wax is amazing. If you have a Paypal account I suggest getting a copy of it while you can, as there probably aren't too-too many of it left. If you don't have a Paypal account, get one, then, get this.


cost including shipping



Monsterbator - Precious Rhino


G_G said...

You think they know Donnie Dumphy? He's the fuckin man!

RenSq said...

Monsterbator stole Dunphys dirtbike... they ate the tires before they drank the gasoline. ;-)

Mark said...

great stuff from my home province.thanks.

now if only we had some geinus...

abbottoirez said...

Geinus? Give it time.

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