Sunday, November 27, 2011



Here's Big'n at one of their sparse reunion shows year before last, just prior to getting their shit together to record and release both Spare the Horses and Dying Breed. Supposedly after the Lyons show, Big'n are officially done. Supposedly, Mike Chartrand wasn't getting a new bass. Whatever. Wait three years and someone will probably put a j bass in his hands and that'll be it, but then again, probably not.

Anyway, this set smokes.
At the beginning just before Big'n starts playing King Hot Pants, you hear Steve Albini say off mic, "Make it worth your time, make it worth your time..." What followed was said to be a drunken mess of saucy ribs and beer, full-court bag-tag, and unfortunate witnesses at the front of the crowd/in front of the band getting their clocks cleaned whilst caught up in the fray and whirl of thee sheer rock action.

Sounds like a fun party. And the band is great!

Big'n - PRF BBQ Auktoberfest 2010


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thanks for the posts.

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Video of the whole show can be found here:

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