Tuesday, November 29, 2011


AC/DC are probably my favourite rock band of all time.
They ring in my ear the way both Chuck Berry and the Sex Pistols do really, or maybe like a combination of the two. I can remember recognising their music as the littlest boy and I've got Powerage on right now. Now, I don't dislike Brian Johnson at all or in any way really, at all, but when he filled those boots, AC/DC grounded and became the blues and rock n' roll institution that they are. Commercially successful, credible, still working class respectable, and still good. They're still AC/DC.

With Bon Scott the motivation was different.
In this approach there was an eagerness and near but not quite desperation; too much balls to be afraid. Bon Scott seemed willing to give himself over to that spirit, all those beautiful dionysian and bacchanalian hangups and love them, revel in that; or, maybe he was a natural and just came by that honestly.

In 1995 Skin Graft Records released the first in a series of four seven inch records, and released the final installment in 2008. In terms of digital copies of the vinyl alot of the audio available of them online are corrupted, missing channels in stereo rips, poorly ripped, etc, along with a couple of good copies but never of the entire thing.

What I've done here is take the very best of what I've found and repaired what needed it and applied a little TLC.

The result here? It sounds fucking great. You really will love this. You probably already do.

Shellac does "'95" Jailbreak and sounds like that this is the most fun they've had doing anything. Brise-Glace give us "Angus Dei Aus Licht", and it's a personal favourite from these songs (name the pieces). The Denison Kimball Trio take "Back in Black" and return it almost unrecognisably reinterpreted as "Back in Blanc", though maybe I just think I recognise it.
Big'n does a kickass version of TNT and Mount Shasta's "Whole Lotta Rosie is as shithot as can be. The song that's still my favourite after listening to my "remasters" here is US Maple's redition of "Sin City"; it's a thing of great and terrible beauty and they even end the song with the beginning of "What's Next to the Moon".
Pre's cover of "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" really does sound dirty, and as though it was recorded dirtly cheaply, and in this case, that is good.

Counting the four hours this took, this is me calling this a labour of love. Hope y'all enjoy this at least as much as I do.

the Skin Graft Records Tribute to ACDC.


the carp said...

i can only say thank you.

abbottoirez said...

You sir, are very welcome.

Mr said...

Down payment blues as the greatest of all their tunes, ever. The circular rising riff the steady build and withdraw, that perfectly clear production where every crystalline shard of distortion blends with the grain of Bon's voice.
I gotta go lie down now. Thanks

Pablow said...

Ay braaaa, could you please re-up this gem? With love, Kris

Chris Rigby said...

Please re upload this! :-)

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