Thursday, October 27, 2011

sonn av krusher - demo 2007

just a quick poll...

who here likes grAy?


who here doesn't like grAy?

fair enough

either should give this a listen

and to the guy in the should snag this up if only to make fun of it should know that whilst you're doing that...grAy is going to be sitting directly across from you...and you're also going be doused with bbq sauce...and just so you know...grAy eats up criticism like a fat kind eats up the brownies his/her mom made for them to make up for the fact that no one asked them to prom

also...he loves bbq sauce

and in case you hadn't already put it together...grAy is a member (teehee) of the band...he plays guitar

so you should add this to the reasons as to why you need to attend the upcoming reunion show

and while we're on the subject of things grAy has had a hand in (teehee pt.2) should give this a go as well

DL: demo 2007

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