Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sonn Av Krusher - Atlanta, November 5th

Look everybody, I don't want you all to get too terribly excited, but it has come to pass that there wil be ONE MORE opportunity to see the 18th or possibly 19th best band to ever crawl out of the Atlanta smog, so hop to! Sonn Av Krusher is dusting off the cobwebs at the behest of the clamoring public who have literally been begging for a reunion since the sparsely attended "last show" lo those many moons ago. You wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest band in the land (patent pending)!

Saturday, November 5th at the Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta, Georgia

Liers In Wait (old Atlanta industrial type band, hasn't played in years)

Uncle Touchy (you know 'em, you love 'em, go listen to their album here)

Sonn Av Krusher (this time as a four piece, with Ian Mauldin the 20 year son of lead singer Matt Mauldin [do the math] on bass!)

Flyer coming soon.

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