Monday, October 31, 2011

Continuing To Hijack This Blog For Personal Gain


As I mentioned more than once last week, there has been a call-to-arms issued for the metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia (USA) vicinity, whereby you are to dutifully report to the Drunken Unicorn on Saturday night, November 5th to bear witness to a possibly fantastic, possibly traumatic evening of auditory terrorism.
Easy enough, right?
Well, not so fast. Turns out the headlining band for said evening of "audio terrorism" (really? that was the best we could come up with?), none other than 1980's industrial/metal/gothic/live sex act Liers In Wait have cancelled off the bill due to medical issues (please insert "cold feet" joke here). I'm sorry for their loss, but as the adage says, the show must go on.
And go on it does, and go on even better then before (no offense to Liers In Wait)! The new bill is as follows:

Uncle Touchy
(live from Uranus, ex-Milque Lizard. AmRep x SST x Rednecks = Awesome!)
Sonn Av Krusher
(ex-Car Vs Driver, Hal al Shedad, Chocolate Kiss, Regicide, Line Drive, Hands Of An Angry God, Bloodspoon, Noot d' Noot, Judi Chicago, Ultivac, Pink Panties, and on and on and on. Pummeling hate!)
(ex-Freemasonry, Haricot Vert. Math-rock bliss!)

So, get off your asses and get to the show!

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