Sunday, October 30, 2011

bloodlet - the seraphim fall

released 1998

"just when i thought i was out...they pull me back in" -90's hardcore we are again

i've gone on record before stating that bloodlet were one of the few bands on the victory records roster that held my attention (and yes...even the THREE HUMID NIGHTS IN THE CYPRESS TREES album)

it was a song from this album ("dogman with horns") that was included on the VICTORY STYLE III compilation that got me turned onto the band

there was just something about the old man gasping for air vocals and the sludginess of the music that did it for me

so now...if you'll join me out on the dance floor...we can pick up invisible change off of the floor...or start a two man dog pile...or just point fingers at each other

DL: the seraphim fall

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Oliver said...

It was that exact same Victory Style Comp and track that got me into Bloodlet a very long time ago. Still rate Seraphim Fall very highly as a under rated gem.

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