Monday, September 5, 2011


Label: Lovepump United
Year: 2007

Junk/folk/weirdness that could have easily been put out by Amps For Christ (as a contemporary reference) or some sun-baked 70's prog collective from southern France (for a less contemporary reference). The two piece band epitomized the DIY spirit by travelling light, and playing anywhere and everywhere they could, using whatever resources they could cobble together. This particular release is near and dear to my (cold, dead, black) heart as it was recorded in my hometown of Winston-Salem, North Carolina (New Start Posse!) with an additional seven piece "ensemble", and instead of the usual load and bombastic assault they generally employed, they come at you with two warped acoustic songs.
I dig.


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Jessica said...

where was this recorded in winston? it is my hometown. thanks for this by the way. i haven't heard them in a long time!

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