Monday, September 5, 2011

Twin Stumps - Seedbed

Label: Fan Death
Year: 2010

If you know me (and you don't), you will know (and you won't) that I don't throw out Gob comparisons liberally. Don't do it, that's my policy. But damn if the first impression you get from this record isn't the late, great, Reno band. Everything is a grinding mess of uber-distortion that carefully reaches through your (now blown) speakers to get a fistful of your hair and smash your forehead into the stereo (or...less effectively...your iPod). The Gob comparison is strictly sonic, as Twin Stumps doesn't go for the speed that Gob traded in, and instead uses a very deliberate pace, more like a 400 Blows, but add in a rumbling low-end absent from that band. Maybe if you played a Die Kreuzen record at half speed you could effect the same results?
One of the best new bands out there, taking the best from hardcore, noise rock, and whatever else came before them, and spitting out something completely vicious and exciting.
Listen to it, and I feel confident you will understand the necessity of filing away your own copy in your collection, which can be done here: Fandeath Records



Anonymous said...

Missing Persons I like, otherwise I think the first one (12'') was better. Had a different quality to it, almost a doom-sludge kind of pace, dead-eyed and grim.

Overall though, these guys, Drunkdriver, Cult Ritual etc etc, I can't take the over-amplified, blown out production. Just hurts. I can't even take stuff like Wavves actually.

Frankieteardrop said...

The blown out sounds of Drunkdriver, Dry Rot, Twin Stumps ect... are some of the best things happening right now. They are rejuvenating the spirit of noisy hardcore. I agree, Gob would be proud Ima go listen to "Winkie" now...

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