Monday, September 26, 2011

mclusky - acoustic session

released 2004

this is mclusky.

this is mclusky doing it acoustic style.

can it work?

let's find out.

1 - throwing bricks from trains
2 - he's been sitting here forever
3 - normal kid in the united states
4 - love song for a mexican
5 - centrefold
6 - grace under pressure
7 - give you cinema
8 - cassanova
9 - perpetual motives
10 - leaning forward/make room for more thoughts
11 - catch more fish

DL: acoustic session


H A R R Y G O A Z said...

Have a SUPER week !

Jay Miller said...

I don't believe this to be them.

jonder said...

It sounds like Falco's voice, but with unusual accoutrements such as actual harmonies and tambourines and such. "Love Song for a Mexican" appeared on Mcluskyism, and Future of the Left has a song called "Throwing Bricks AT Trains".

So I'm thinking it is them (or at least two thirds of them), and I'm thanking you for posting this, as it is tiding me over until the next FotL album comes out in a couple of months.

Anonymous said...

Link seems to be dead for this one. Any chance of redoing it.

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