Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brainiac - Smack Bunny Baby

Label: Grass
Year: 1993

The first Brainiac record, and thusly, the most straightforward. There is less of a synthesized lather bubbling in the bath water, if that makes any sense (and it sorta doesn't), and more of a post-punk scrubbing.
Or, to put it in classic eighties skater terms: If their second album Bonsai Superstar was Neil Blender (arty, experimental, exciting, but still grounded in the something recognizable), and their third album Hissing Prigs In Static Couture was Edwin "Jinx" Jimenez (twisting, turning, and developing a new language from an old template), then this first album is Jeff "Mothra" Grosso (powerful, dynamic, but you can see it's slightly off and heading into a strange future). That should clear things up.



Anonymous said...

jeez artwork blhghghghhhhhh

Anonymous said...

Man, seems like mediafire delete every link just as a matter of course these days...

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