Wednesday, April 20, 2011

würm - we're off 7"

released 1982

seeing as how today is chuck dukowski's're all going to swallow the wurm (insert eye roll here)

some of you may not be all that familiar with this business

this is what chuck dukowski was involved in pre-black flag

and they're pretty much a straight up metal band (just listen to the balls to the wall scream that opens up the song "i'm dead") read that right...i used the term "balls to the wall"

but you can also hear some of the flag in it as well

and there's a pretty sweet chambers brothers cover

bottoms up

DL: we're off


Mars said...

NICE SCORE! Feel free to throw my link on the front page - I think it's still in the forum. Definitely still active.

Mars said...

My link to Wurm 'Feast', I mean...

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