Monday, April 18, 2011

soundgarden - 9.11.92 - irvine meadows - irvine,ca

well....seeing as how the band will be embarking on a mini tour in july and going into the studio to record an album....what better time to post an old gig from the lollapalooza tour

and if you're expecting to go and see the band on any of the 4 dates on the expecting to pay some previously broken up band that got back together prices (they're going from anywhere between $119-$147)...and not only can't buy just a have to buy a that means that you'll have to go out and make one of those friend things

and here be the dates:

july 2: molson canadian amphitheatre - toronto,canada

july 13: festival pier at penn's landing - philadelphia,pa

july 18: red rocks amphitheatre - denver,co

july 22: the forum - los angeles,ca

so let's hope that their new recorded material takes us back to the days of flannel and bad hygiene

but until then....

1 - face pollution
2 - gun
3 - outshined
4 - drawing flies
5 - cop killer*
6 - room a thousand years wide
7 - rusty cage
8 - beyond the wheel
9 - jesus christ pose

*=body count cover

DL: soundgarden @irvine meadows


Wild Thing said...

Thanks a lot! Been a while I haven't heard live stuff from Soundgarden!

Mars said...

Those prices are ridiculous. There is.... yeah I'm positive, there is NO band I would pay those prices to see. Add in the economy and it looks like they'll be playing to a bunch of CEO's. I have a feeling these guys hate each other JUST THAT MUCH!

Anonymous said...

I'll take my hundreds of dollars and blow it on smack!
I aint sharing with no friend!

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