Saturday, April 9, 2011

Well, I was supposed to have been on a plane this morning heading to New York City to meet up with old friends and go to see Unbroken, Jesuit, Damnation ad, and Indecision, but real life reared its ugly and head, and those plans were dashed early this past week. It's a bummer to miss seeing friends you haven't seen in a coon's age, and surely the show itself would have been fun, but time rolls on and there will be other weekends to catch up or act like we're all 19 again. Maybe.

The silver lining to not going out of town is that I will be able to maybe, possibly, hopefully pull my fat ass out of the house to go down to the Earl in order to see Floor and Hawks, a double bill that is certainly one for the ages.

Is anyone reading this going to the show?


Anonymous said...


wait. no

kHuckins said...

Jesuit owned.

Gray said...

I got the text yesterday that evening that Unbroken "weren't playing that well", but that Jesuit had been really good, and that surprisingly, Indecision might have stolen the show. Oh time? Maybe I'll hold my breath for a Deadguy reunion.

Mr. Silcio said...

i went to the 8th show in Providence. killer.

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