Sunday, April 3, 2011

the melsidency

apparently they liked playing the residency game at the satellite because they're taking it on the road

2 nights per city

2 sets per night

night one's first set will be made up of stuff from the LYSOL and EGGNOG albums...and the second set will be HOUDINI in it's entirety

night two's first set will be the BULLHEAD album in it's entirety...and the second set will be the STONER WITCH album in it's entirety

so we here at SGM suggest you go out there and see this business...because they could stop touring at any minute

and do you want to be the person that doesn't see the melvins?

because if so...they have names for people like you....

may 13-14: the crocodile - seattle,wa

may 16-17: great american music hall - san francisco,ca

may 27-28: mohawk - austin,tx

may 31-june 1: double door - chicago,il

june 3-4: paradise rock club - boston,ma

june 6-7: music hall of williamsburg - brooklyn,ny


JANFITC said...

Got my ticket for day 2 of the San Francisco stops. Can't afford tickets to both days (especially since Secret Serpents announced a different poster for every night), so I am hoping that tickets will still be available the week before the show (I should have the money for the other show by then).

I have already seen them perform Houdini, Eggnog, & Lysol (ROCKIN'), but I have not seen Stoner Witch or Bullhead, so that was how I made my decision. Now, you all can disagree with me if you'd like, but I think the Houdini, Eggnog, Lysol show is going to be the more rockin' of the 2 shows.

Should we be keeping our ears open for recordings of this tour?

Mr. Silcio said...

i'm going to night 2 in Boston. i need to see Bullhead live.

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