Sunday, April 24, 2011

trenchmouth - more motion: a collection

released 2003

some of you may know about trenchmouth

and some of you may not

this is a good place to start for those that don't

this album culls material from the band's discography (they'd released 5 albums and an ep)

and if you'd like to check out one of those albums: X

and if you're still a little nervous about giving this a chance...if you like anything that's been released on dischord records (especially fugazi)...this is for you

"what's a dischord records?"

really?...did those words just leave your mouth? know what...go to your room until your father gets home...get out of my sight!'re lucky i don't take you back to the adoption agency

DL: more motion: a collection


The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Splendid! One of my favourite mostly unknown bands. More people DEFINITELY need to get on this.

Bronson said...

FYI - Fred Armisen from SNL & Portlandia was the drummer

mini malls and subdivisions said...

I saw a Joe Lally solo album the other day but wasn't sure if it is any good. Out of Step was my first Dischord release got it on cassette at the record store by the Orange Julius.

Anonymous said...

Their first e.p. was released by a member of another Chicago band, Repulse Kava. You should post that record. In fact, you should post the first two Repulse Kava records--I think they did a 7" with Jack Brewer, too. All great stuff.

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