Sunday, April 24, 2011

cop shoot cop - 5.12.91 - chicago,il

i was rummaging about my crap and found this little gem

and then i got to thinking "you know...i have a feeling that there might be some SGMers out there that might appreciate this...maybe i should post it and find out" it be...for you

1 - low can demon
2 - unknown
3 - schweinhund
4 - coldest day of the year
5 - she's like a shot
6 - feel good
7 - burn your bridges
8 - chameleon man
9 - shine on
10 - empire collapse
11 - down come the mickey
12 - pity the bastards
13 - system test
14 - heads i win,tails you lose

DL: cop shoot cop chicago


James Nihil said...

thanks...great post.


Thank you. Saw them live in NYC years ago but they had become jaded and sucked by then. Glad to hear grade A prime CSC.

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Thankyew kindly. Saw 'em on this tour and they were IMMENSE!

Anonymous said...

nice post,CSC ruled,post more industrial rock shows please

Ugly Goblin Boy said...

I can't get enough of the site you've created, it's great! Any chance you could get the Chicago show back on-line? Again man, fucking awesome stuff here.

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