Tuesday, April 26, 2011

melvins - the trilogy

the maggot/the bootlicker released 1999
the crybaby released 2000

"seriously,bro? more of the melvins? don't you have anything better to do? if you like the melvins so much...why don't you marry them?

well...i've tried...and as you can see by me hanging out here all the time...

and i promise this will be the last melvinsing for awhile...maybe

and besides...you know you love some melvins

so just let me give you some more

i do it because i care

i'm a giver....just ask anyone down at the free clinic

now...the music

THE MAGGOT has some of the heaviest music the band has laid down...just give opener "amazon" and "manky" a listen...and then there's the fleetwood mac cover

THE BOOTLICKER is considered the quieter of the 3 albums...going back to the STAG/STONER WITCH days

THE CRYBABY is essentially a special guest/covers album (and the melvins rarely do covers...so you need to snag this up)...and they bring folks like david yow...members of the band skeleton key...mike patton...bliss blood...hank wiliiams III...and members of the band tool in to provide vocals and other business

so....there you have it

you know what to do

DL: the maggot

DL: the bootlicker

DL: the crybaby


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Colossus of Destiny which was originally going to be the third installment in the Trilogy.

Thanks for the great posts! Enjoying this page very much.

Mr. Floppy said...

Never of heard of these Melvins. Will give them a listen when I'm done with the new Foo Fighters.

John Treanor said...

great post. and thanks.

Amish Rake Fight said...

All Melvins and Jesus Lizard all the time is fine.

SebastianZvook said...

Melvins is the best fucking band EVER

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