Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ass ponys - electric rock music

released 1994

i remember seeing the video for the song "little bastard" on 120 MINUTES on the mtv (apparently mtv is bringing the show back...beavis and butthead as well...but it's just not going to be the same)

and while i was watching the video...i was all like "they called him little bastard?!...and they did it right to his face?!"

oh man

this is the kind of music that you have playing in the background during a pleasant sunday afternoon...the kind of music you can listen to while sitting on your front porch rolling a rock around in the palm of your hand while waiting for your neighbor's dog to wander over and do it's business in your yard...

so...if you like early r.e.m. or the eels or pavement or beck...this will play with them quite nicely

also...you might want to find a bigger rock...i think the dog has worked up a tolerance

DL: electric rock music


Mr. Silcio said...

i think one dude from this band is in wussy now.

ries said...

Chuck Cleaver, the main dude, is in wussy, with his new girlfriend.

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