Thursday, March 3, 2011

unrest - 2.19.93 - athens,ga

if you dig anything that came out of the d.c. area during the early/mid 1990's...this band is for you

1 - bavarian mods
2 - (unknown)
3 - suki
4 - i do believe you are blushing
5 - international nautical miles
6 - yes,she is my skinhead girl
7 - love to know
8 - cherry cream on
9 - june
10 - nation writer

DL: unrest in athens


Gray said...

I think I was at this show, they opened for Fugazi on one of their (Fugazi's) two night stand at the 40 Watt during In On The Killtaker tour.
P.S. - In On The Killtaker is the best Fugazi album.
P.P.S - Unrest sound better when they are covering "So You Wanna Be A RocknRoll Star"

ipecac said...

you know what's funny?

i was actually going to add an "i'll bet grAy was at this show" to the write up

and i totally back your IN ON THE KILL TAKER statement

James Joyce said...

This is a Henry recording, so I'm sure he knows. I saw them with Stereolab right before this and then they came with Slant 6 and played the Midtown Music Hall. I didn't go to that one, but maybe they played Athens the night before/after? My recollection of seeing Fugazi in Athens around this time was with Shudder to Think, but that might of been on the Steady Diet tour. After that they started showing up with Branch Manager and their ilk.

Gray said...

This was one of the two nights they played the 40 Watt in February 1993. Each night had different opening bands, but they were Superchunk, Unrest, and others.

Those two nights still stand as two of the greatest shows I've ever seen, as Fugazi were absolutely on fire both sets. I don't think any of the opening bands made much of an impact, but this was the In On The Killtaker era, so the songs were completely ripping, totally loud, laden with feedback, and still very aggresive, prior to the slow downward slide of the band (everything after In On The Killtaker).

James is correct (as he usually is) that Fugazi shows turned into a crap shot in the middle to late 90s, and they did always drag some second tier Dischord band out with them, sometimes good, usually not so much. But still, everyone's allegience to Fugazi, and the memories of how awesome they could be kept you coming out to their shows even when the songs lost their punch, and the band seemed to be downshifting.

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