Thursday, March 3, 2011

today is the day - 4.14.95 - cicero's - st. louis,mo

a friend of mine and i used to play this game where we'd try to come up with the weirdest places for the vocalist of the band cradle of filth to appear in (in line at the grocery store...old folks home...the automotive section in walmart)

now picture it if you can:

steve austin as an auctioneer

steve austin as a phone sex operator

steve austin as the voice at the other end of the speaker at a fast food restaurant's drive thru

steve austin calling a bingo game

steve austin as a little league coach

the list could go on and on

1 - sidewinder
2 - hands and knees
3 - come on down and get saved
4 - many happy returns
5 - black dahlia
6 - willpower
7 - 6 dementia satyr
8 - the kick inside
9 - (steve austin does what he wants)

DL: today is the day @cicero's


Gray said...

Havn't heard this, and am optimistic the sound quality is good. That said, it's pretty difficult to mic a jet engine.

Employee said...

Kinda sounds like the Bass was the only thing mic'd. If you're hard up for live mid 90's era TITD (which I am) then it will get the job done. Otherwise, not the best sound. Thanks for posting it, I didn't mean to belittle the effort.

ipecac said...

somewhere...right now...steve austin is seething

drew said...

anyone ever come across a live set with the song 'my first knife' on it? i've been searching. thanks for this by the way, it just ruined my wife and cat's night

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