Monday, March 28, 2011

Device - Demo

Label: Self Released
Year: 1990

First off, sorry for the lack of posts as of late, I've been....uh..busy?
Secondly, sorry that this post is basically a shout out to all my early 90's hardcore bros out there. or so of you. Everyone else can sit this one out, as I'm sure we'll bounce back with something more Shiny Grey Monotone-ish in the very near future. Promise.
But (let's talk about your big "but"), if the name Device hasn't scared you off, hold up. You're either from Virginia, or a nerd about hardcore, or one of the 500 or so people who heard the "Living On The Edge" compilation (with the criminally underrated Step Aside, and As It Stands [sound sxe enough for you?], and the seriously awesome Dunamis), Device's contribution to that record is included on this demo in its full glory. Which one are you?
Device members can be connected to such other 90's lesser knowns (but not necessarily lesser-thans): Groove, Askance, 4 Walls Falling, Contagen, and Elizabeth Herz.
If you've read this far, what more can I tell you man?
P.S. - the photo above is not of Device, it's actually of Mayday, but if you were going to shows circa 1990, it should look painfully familiar, and thusly, it might as well be Device.



Anonymous said...

im not an ol' head from that era but right when i saw that picture i knew it had to be either mayday, channel, frame 313 or some other early 90s virginia band. im gonna check this out

Gray said...

Wow, good eyes Anonymous. Channel...hadn't thought about them for a good long while, but didn't the band Jesuit come out of Channel? I'm going to to Jesuit next weekend open for Unbroken in NYC, maybe I should bone up on my Channel trivia so I can heckle effectively.

proven hollow said...

geez gray, get it together! channel went into jesuit. and whats his name went into converge.

i remember device ads in mrr. i remember them looking "evil." i shall give this here a listen as i have been known to be a fan of groove and askance and elizabeth herz. i have even been caught liking the "unlistenable" 4 walls falling album. or i should say, the "good" album.

Gray said...

First of all, Phil, I love you. There, I said it.
Second of all, my shit IS together, I called it that Jesuit came out of Channel, and as far as Converge goes...well, who gives a shit about Converge anyway? They're not all that good, and never were, except for like, 10 minutes in 1994 or something.
Jesuit, on the other hand, now that was a good band. I'm as excited about seeing them next weekend as I am about seeing Unbroken, Mike Phyte will be there, as will Jeff-J-Jawk, so it should be a good time no matter who plays. And if I mosh it up, all the better!

As for Device, Phil you should at least appreciate them, especially the first song, it's a good one.

Anonymous said...

members of channel and jesuit also spent time in 2 good yet forgotten bands by the name of GODDESS and THE END OF THE UNIVERSE. i never saw goddess but the end of the universe in their early days were fucking great.

fecutusk said...

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Anonymous said...

device released two demos, they had dissolved by late 1991/early 92. Groove spawned from the final line up of device and as it stands. Nathan from device/groove went on to start elizabeth herz and released a solo project demo called "balance" it's a great demo if you can find it.

you should really give converge another listen. jane doe onward are all really good records.

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