Wednesday, March 30, 2011

black kites - advancement to ruins

released 2008

seeing as how the topic of 90's hardcore was recently brought up...i figured that this would be just a good time as any to post this

what started out as a random download has quickly become one of the more listened to things to penetrate my earholes as of late

i can you not want to listen to something that brings bands such as deadguy...or kiss it goodbye...or pageninetynine to mind?

and the answer is: your 90's hardcore gramma would listen to it

get your baggy khakis ready

DL: advancement to ruins


Anonymous said...

Great album. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

had high hopes for this seeing as how you invoked Kiss It Goodbye here. pretty far off the mark with the Deadguy/Kiss It Goodbye tag. OOFtastic record, here. this is jock rock.

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