Friday, February 11, 2011

shift - pathos

released 1994

have you ever owned a pair of baggy khaki pants/shorts?

have you ever listened to the quicksand album SLIP and just felt as if it were one of the best things you've ever had drift through your earholes?

do you dig bands like: engine kid? burn? into another? sparkmarker?

guess what...

you should already dig this band as well

so what are you doing even reading this?

DL: pathos


Anonymous said...

Oh my god did you just name drop Quicksand - Slip I love this blog

the carp said...

shift is amazing. thank you for this. besides this and spacesuit what else did they release?

khaki pants for men said...

This is adorable!! Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Can you upload also Spacesuit album

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