Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Corrosion Of Conformity - Live - 08-17-83 - Live Space II Arcade, Washington D.C.

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1983

It sounds like Eric Eycke is singing on this one, which would make sense based on the year, and seeing as Eye For An Eye would be coming out less than a year later. For that piece of trivia alone, it's probably worth your time.
Of course, it's C.O.C., so that pretty much tells you that it's worth your time. In fact, maybe your time isn't worth C.O.C. Ever think of it that way? Bet you didn't.
Wait, is my time not worth C.O.C.? Naw, it has to be, right? I mean, I am from North Carolina, so that right there kinda gives me the leg up you know. One time some friends and I drove to Raleigh to see Corrosion Of Conformity play a free show in a park across the street from Jesse Helms' house (if that name is not familiar to you, then I can assume you were not a punker in the 80's, which is fine, but just know that between Helms, Edwin Meese, and Ronald Reagan, 80's punks had some real good boogie men to target). My memory is fuzzy, but either the show never happened, or we had the wrong day, cause there was no Woody Weatherman blasting away like a feral dog at Jesse's mansion. Unfortunately.
But, that alone should validate my time, and make it worth it to C.O.C. C'mon C.O.C.


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naxalite said...

What I do remember is that after Eye For an Eye, there was Technocracy and I believe Animosity, and tose I wish I could forget. For many peepl, the thrashified COC is the one they heard, in the post SOD, Anthrax, why-even-you-DRI? 'crossover years' which I believe single handedly removed several hardcore and punk icons from the post punk/grunge circuit that also accommodated bands like Helmet, while COC and DRI had to go play the heavy metal circuits.
And dont' point to First AV mainroom COC, Soundgarden, and Danzig show, that was a hair farmer fest during Sonic Youth's best moment.

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