Monday, January 24, 2011

lard - the last temptation of reid

released 1990

i am appalled at the fact that it's taken this long for this to make it here

in all honesty...i should be thrown down a flight of stairs wearing a tutu and a skin tight poison t-shirt into the waiting arms of a nude senior citizen (that's how i usually spend my saturday nights...but if someone would like to stop over any other night of the week...i'll make an exception)

i'd like to think that you...the average SGM-er...knows of lard

so i'm not really going to go into the details

but for those that don't's essentially jello biafra fronting ministry

or the dead kennedys releasing an industrial album


now if you'll excuse me..i'm going to go lube up my stairs and leave my front door unlocked

can god fill teeth?

let's find out

DL: the last temptation of reid


Anonymous said...

Is this the one with "The Power Of Lard" on it? That's basically where Nirvana got "Territorial Pissings" from.

Anonymous said...

No, it's not. "The Power Of Lard" is on the EP they did before that which I think is just called Lard. I don't feel like checking. It's got this closeup picture of the mouth of a lamprey on the front.

Anonymous said...

yes, i got that lying around somewhere. also all lard is pretty awesome, including their last ep. also drug raid at 4 a.m.

Anonymous said...

Did Al shoot up alot during the sessions?

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