Monday, January 24, 2011

iowa beef experience - personalien

released 1992

you know...believe it or not...there's more to iowa than scary kids wearing (sic) halloween costumes and idiots out wandering around

i was recently digging though the mounds of crap that i have on my computer...and came across this little gem

and then i thought to myself "hey,man...there might be some butthole surfer and cherub and melvins and amphetamine reptile fans out there that might enjoy this...perhaps i'll put it on the blog"

and here it is

DL: personalien


Bronson said...

Iowa City classic.
Ethan & Pete are both still playing in Iowa City, both have shows this week actually.

envythedead said...

saw them as a teenager around 1992 or 1993 in Boulder. I can't remember any specifics about the show, but I do remember liking them a bunch. Maybe they were opening for Steel Pole Bathtub?

tread said...

loved this band...played shows with them a couple times...somewhere I have a live board recording of them in Lexington, Kentucky...they kinda defy categorizing. which is a good thing...

scary clown metal said...

Where's the beef?

Anonymous said...

great band! beef is belief!

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