Wednesday, January 19, 2011

built to spill - 8.5.06 - lollapalooza - grant park - chicago,il

you know you like dinosaur jr.

and you know you like treepeople

and you know you like caustic resin

and you know you like the halo benders

and you know you like sunny day real estate

and you know you want this because we want you to want this

1 - goin' against your mind
2 - made up dreams
3 - sidewalk
4 - traces
5 - big dipper
6 - good ol' boredom
7 - conventional wisdom
8 - rearrange*
9 - carry the zero

*=the gladiators cover

DL: built to spill @lollapalooza '06


Anonymous said...

i don't like sunnny day real estate.
by the way some early caustic resin would be great. those tape only releases that where just noise in the sagebrush. my high school m.i. wa. buddy who stole my tape got his ass kicked. but i never got it back. violence has gotten me nowhere.

ipecac said...

did you feel good afterward?

mission accomplished

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