Thursday, December 16, 2010

melvins - 11.6.96 - rkcndy - seattle,wa

did i once read somewhere on this blog that there was too much melvins getting posted?

nah...couldn't be

this is going to be one of those win/win posts

how is that?

well...for get some melvins

and two...starting next month at this place called spaceland (located in silver lake,ca)...the band will be playing every friday during the month (starting on the 7th)

"yeah? so what?"

well...not only will the band be playing some albums in their entirety (BULLHEAD/LYSOL/EGGNOG/HOUDINI/STONER WITCH)'ll also get to see the original incarnation of the band play

"yeah? so what?"

you know what?...just go and stand out in the hallway until that attitude disappears

sorry about that

so...without further adieu...more melvins

1 - intro
2 - instrumental
3 - eye flys
4 - june bug
5 - sky pup
6 - at the stake
7 - cow
8 - tipping the lion
9 - skin horse
10 - goose freight train
11 - captain pungent
12 - berthas
13 - cottonmouth
14 - revolve
15 - sweet willy rollbar
16 - roadbull
17 - buck owens
18 - the bloat
19 - night goat
20 - lacrimosa
21 - the green manalishi (with the two-pronged crown)(1)
22 - queen
23 - antitoxidote
24 - sacrifice (2)

1=fleetwood mac cover
2=flipper cover

DL: melvins@rkcndy


Josh G said...

Awesome! Seen 'em twice in Seattle this year.

Anonymous said...

This is the greatest Melvins performance I have ever heard.

Anonymous said...

I love you. You know that?

Anonymous said...

Yeah? So what?

ipecac said...

anonymous did you get back in here?

you were supposed to head to the showers in order to wash that attitude off before you could come back

and seeing as how you still have that'll be escorted to the showers where you'll be watched and possibly assisted

dogshit tacos said...


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