Thursday, December 16, 2010

the jesus lizard - show

released 1994

did i once read that there was too much jesus lizard on this blog?

couldn't be...there is no such thing...not here

this particular album was recorded at cbgbs in new york city on the 19th of december back in 1993 (as part of cbgbs 20th anniversary)

also on the bill that night were jack 'o' nuts...pitchblende...don caballero...and the damned (who were the headliners...the jesus lizard went on before them)

david yow's parents were even in the audience

so yeah....

DL: show


Gooboy Quisp said...

Oh Ipecac this rarely happens but I must apologize for my past musical transgressions.I know I stepped on some toes here at the mighty Monotone but maybe I was just being "jaded".It happens when you've been a music fan/critic as long as I have.I WILL always love the Jesus Lizard's Touch and Go output but wasn't too fond of the later work (though the 10" was still quality).The Melvins I've always had a love/hate thing for.I love their work with Kevin Rutmanis but never got into the early Stoner/Sludge type stuff.Sorry but the only band I could ever tolerate repetitive riffs from was Killing Joke.Just something they had that kept it interesting.But that's just my ADD talking.Keep up the great posts and we'll keep listening.

kHuckins said...

This was one of the best shows I was ever at. I only saw more people crammed into CB's at an Agnostic Front show.

Manel said...

David Byrne

Poopsnake said...

Boxcar Willie

JGRAM said...

I believe this was a VHS as well but sadly I think it has been lost to the ages

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhh to have the vid!
One of the best live albums ever.
Not. Hyperbole.


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