Wednesday, November 10, 2010

National Skyline - The Last Day

Label: Self Released
Year: 2007

National Skyline came in at the tail end of the 90's and then went in 2001. Pretty quick really, which was a shame since they had a lot of promise, what with their membership being culled from Hum and Castor.
In 2007 they sorta reemerged, except they didn't really tell anybody, or maybe nobody noticed, or cared, or whatever. I'm not sure, as I wasn't paying attention. This three song ep was their first return to recording, and while it still sounds like the National Skyline from six years prior, it also sounded a little more polished or something. Like, somebody had asked them to write a song for a teen drama on the WB (is that network still around? Weren't they the clearinghouse for pointless teen dramas a few years back? If I'm wrong, I apologize, but Beverly Hills 90210 was the last teen drama I ever saw, and that was some time ago so I'm no authority), you know what I mean?
You tell me. It still has members of Hum and Castor, so I'm inclined to keep it in rotation and hope that it grows on me.


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Batrider said...

I felt the exact same way when I listened to this, but National Skyline has always fronted that sort of drama-pop sound. I love Hum and Castor, but I like this EP for very different reasons- and perhaps on a level that is entirely unrelated to the bands origins.

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