Wednesday, November 10, 2010

King Snake Roost + Bloodloss - Split

Label: Crack

Haven't posted anything this old or this gnarly in awhile, and wanted to remedy the situation.
King Snake Roost are a favorite of mine because they tend to under-think their music as opposed to over-thinking it. I respect that about a rock band, cause after all, you're a rock band, not a fucking debate team. King Snake Roost mangle Alice Cooper's "Schools Out".
Bloodloss are sonically very similar to King Snake Roost, meaning, gruff, blunt, no frills. They take on, and grapple the Tina Turner classic "Nutbush City Limits".
Don't think too hard about this one, just let it be what it be, or...what you want



Anonymous said...

Two of my favorite bands.
Cheers mate.

Anonymous said...

Oh cool, one of my housemates long time best friends is Charlie Tolnay. I've heard all the stories over the years about Charlie. They recently got Grong Grong back together. Done a few small tours on the east coast of Oz but mainly just play the odd gig around Adelaide.

kittyempire said...

Nice one Gray. Aussie gold!

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