Thursday, September 23, 2010

the jesus lizard - burns while listening: the remasters bonus compilation

this is a compilation i put together that combines all of the bonus stuff that was thrown onto the jesus lizard remasters of the HEAD/GOAT/LIAR/DOWN albums

1 - chrome*
2 - pop song**
3 - wheelchair epidemic***
4 - killer mchann (live)*
5 - white hole****
6 - boilermaker (IDFUL studios demo)***
7 - deaf as a bat****
8 - seasick (live)**
9 - glamorous****
10 - dancing naked ladies (single version)***
11 - monkey trick (live)**
12 - gladiator (IDFUL studios demo)***
13 - sunday you need love**
14 - lady shoes (live)**
15 - bloody mary (live)*
16 - panic in cicero****


DL: burns while listening: the remasters bonus compilation


gooboy666 said...

Okay this is where you either ban me forever or acknowledge that I just may have a different perspective of "underground" music.Let me make this clear - I LOVE SGM.You guys have turned me onto tons of great tunes over the last couple years.BUT you tend to over hype a handful of bands.Namely the Jesus Lizard,the Melvins,the Unsane and the Cherubs.Don't get me wrong I love some of the stuff these bands have put out but it's not essential.Keep digging.There is tons of great stuff you have overlooked past and present.

Anonymous said...

Is it Kill McHann or Killer McHann?

ipecac said...

it's "killer mchann"

you may need to have your eyes checked

and gooboy666...are you saying that those bands aren't essential?...or some of the band's material isn't essential?...because someone could read that statement the wrong way...and the next time you go to take a shower...there could very well be a surprise waiting for you you might want to hide your little rubber ducky friend and make sure your shampoo bottle's lid has been duct taped on

Anonymous said...

Most blogs (well, most of the *good* ones) have a few bands that are clearly favorites and I don't see what's wrong with that. At all. It's not SGM's job to feature ALL good bands, just the ones they like, and if they want to keep posting melvins and jesus lizard shit well then great, there's plenty other blogs out there "hyping" other bands and you can like, go and read those too.

god damn.

Shithawks @ The Diner said...

(*points to the exit door)

Anonymous said...

it's "killer mchann"

you may need to have your eyes checked

Tsts! Cheeky rascal you!

zoyd said...

the Jesus Lizard, Melvins, Unsane and Cherubs are essential noise rock bands! SGM is THE noise rock blog! Its like complaining that beer bottles are always brown or green:-)

there are many other blogs where I get my postrock, shoegazing, electronic or drone kicks but none is substantail in that as SGM is for noise rock

breese78 said...

I would also like to stand in contrast to gooboy666 and say that those bands are essential in every way and I hope that you continue hyping them.

Anonymous said...

I like the Cows alot. Some Am-Rep freaks. I love bands that no one will jump on the bandwagon for so no trendy starbucker twatter tweeters will be listening. Who speaks ill of the Melvins, Unsane, Cherubs, Jesus Lizard. I pity the poor fool.

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