Thursday, September 23, 2010

freedom fighters - my scientist friends

released 1997

described as "two guitars and a friendly guy on drums" in the amrep catalog...after listening to this...i'm gonna have to agree

i had seen that this was asked about over in the forum section...i too was i turned to once again...and it landed in my hands the other day

and after listening...i'd have to say it doesn't have all that much in common with the other amrep bands...but yet it does...sounding like some helmet...some cows...some cosmic psychos...some chokebore...

but the band could've just as easily fit in with the dischord and sub pop (well...back then anyway) roster

this was the band's only album

what you get here is some good old fashioned garage punk rock...and you know you can always use some more of that

DL: my scientist friends


toposheet said...

great live set at the Grumpy N.E. Sunday BBQ.

Frådrik Thæbø said...

Wow this is great I love it

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