Monday, September 27, 2010

harvey milk - 10.27.06 - drunken unicorn - atlanta,ga

the band's name has been bandied about on this blog...but there hasn't been an actual album

this isn't exactly and album...but it is

this is their SPECIAL WISHES album played in it's entirety live

and if you're not already familiar with the band...think some melvins...some jucifer...some early black sabbath...

and this is the part of the show where you go on ahead and click on the red DL

1 - i got a love
2 - war
3 - crush them all
4 - instrumental
5 - once in awhile
6 - love swing
7 - the end
8 - old glory
9 - mother's day

DL: harvey milk@drunken unicorn


The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Woooooooo! Much obliged!

Gray said...

The Drunken Unicorn is in Atlanta, Georgia, not Athens. Just sayin'.

ipecac said...

atlanta...athens...same thing

you ever see them in the same room together?

Anonymous said...

thanks for the harvey melk dode!

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