Monday, September 27, 2010

Elvis '77 - Bands Ruin

Label: Unreleased
Year: 1998

Tonight I was out and about on my usual after-dinner-pre-tuck-the-kids-in power walk (yeah, that's right, a power walk...what's up?) through the neighborhood when I almost was stopped in my tracks by the distinct odor of chimney smoke. Now, please realize that I live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, where yes, it has been 90+ degrees every goddamn day since, oh, April, and where we have had a rapid and pleasant cooling trend the last 48 hours. But, it was still a balmy 71 degrees Fahrenheit at the time of this olfactory assault, hardly the type of weather that would, or should inspire one to cozy up by a fire and warm their stocking feet. Right? Shit, I was wearing shorts and short sleeves (even in an intermittent drizzle mind you).
What kind of animal lights a fire in their home in these conditions?! Had I gone crazy?
No, no I had not. There it was, the ribbon of gray smoke wafting from the brick stacks atop my neighbors' home. These people are out of their goddamn minds having a fire on this day! The temperature drops twenty degrees and all rationale and human sensibilities go out the fucking window?! What topsy-turvy world am I living in?!

Shit just wasn't right, I tell you.

But what was right, was my choice of soundtrack, this record right here. Elvis '77. These NY boys recorded this album to be released on Mans Ruin Records, even had Wharton Tiers master the thing (you know, the dude who did Helmet, Quicksand, Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth and shit). Well, wouldn't you know it, Frank Kozik runs Mans Ruin into the ground before Elvis '77 sees the light of day, and the band never really recovers. Unfortunately, this great album lay dormant for many, many years until the inter-web gave it a second life. Enough so, that I think the band is (sorta) giving it a second go.
They sound like a almost 50/50 mix of Unsane and JJ Paradise Players Club, which is a 100 mix of awesome. Enjoy this one next time you need some low impact cardio, strap on your ankle weights, get a good grip on your purple foam-coated barbells, and get to steppin'!


ipecac said...

i can relate

while living in florida...on christmas day...i was walking around in a t-shirt and shorts...i was about 65 degrees...and yet everyone else was walking around dressed as if it were 20 degrees

some people

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed that anecdote. i also like the idea of grey rocking out to some hardcore choons during his power walk and then tucking the kids in.

Anonymous said...

um, sorry, gray with an A, where's my manners.

Anonymous said...

Hells yea it rocks and thanks for not having 17 directories before getting to the files. One directory one album always appreciate the way SGM does it up.

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