Monday, August 23, 2010

Wrangler Brutes - Zulu

Label: Wrangler Brutes Records
Year: 2004

More Wrangler Brutes, more Born Against references, more references to general yard work!
Yes, this is the only album the band released, not including the cassette that preceded it, and would eventually be re-released after it.
Yes, with Sam McPheeters being one of the most recognizable voices in hardcore, it bears a certain Born Against-y feel to it. Musically, it's less Born Against, and more...uh....Born Against? I was going to say something else, but as I was it dawned on me that this record sounds a lot like later period Born Against (post-Javier-holocaust bass).
Yes, this record makes a fantastic soundtrack for a sweet weed eater and edging session (gotta make that shit tight...something you could set your watch by!). I can also recommend it for sweeping, although it might make you too aggro, and result in some errant dust kitties being launched into the rafters due to excessive broom air-guitaring. Gauge your own reactions and get back to me.
Bonus: this record features backing vocals by Keith Morris and Chris Thompson (Ignition, Circus Lupus, Monorchid), see if you can spot them. Also, recorded with Steve Albini, if you were perhaps on the fence or something.


Anonymous said...

album rips. probably one of my favorite hardcore records of the decade.

kittyempire said...

Can't say I condone gardening in any way, shape or form, but I do love this record, perhaps even more than Born Against. Oh no he didn't.

Mars said...

Definitely a 2000's hardcore high point in my book - musically classic while lyrically relevant, political, and fucking hilarious.

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