Monday, August 23, 2010

Cinemechanica - The Martial Arts

Label: Hello Sir
Year: 2006

This is a band from Athens, Georgia, where I used to live, and from here I currently live about an hour and a half from, but whom I have managed to never see live. Never even close, as in, "I got to the bar late, and Cinemechanica had already played", just flat out never even been in the same building as them. Seems weird, since this record is good, and I imagine their live show would be even better, so you might gather I'd make the effort.
Alas, I didn't set out to tell you my own personal trials with Cinenmechanica's touring calendar, no, I actually posted this record because upon listening to it yesterday I came to a conclusion. Two conclusions really. One, I am getting old. Not exactly an earth-shifting deduction, but it was important because it led me to my second conclusion: there are bands that are more influenced by Dischord Record's third wave of bands than they are by the first or second. That makes me feel funny. Funny as in, how could you be more into Faraquet than Fugazi? It boils down to age, right? Meaning, if you began listening to in earnest (i.e. actively making choices about what you wanted to hear and not simply relying on a disc jockey or your big sister to select for you) in the middle 1990's, then yeah, those Dischord bands I describe as "from the lost years", would be your cup of tea, and Fugazi, or god forbid, Minor Threat, would be "old school" to you. No fault of your own, just luck of the draw as to when you were squeezed from betwixt yon mother's thigh-parts. I'm sure they appreciate Fugazi, and unconsciously it's in their musical DNA, but the sound produced by Cinemechanica owes more to Q And Not U (and maybe a little Drive Like Jehu).
I realized that.
And then I realized how fucking boring I am for thinking about this.


cdb said...

This is a great record. They were playing with two drummers for a bit (maybe they still are, but I'm also old and now live in the suburbs, behind an iron curtain of uncool that no information about local or semi-local bands can penetrate), and it was a sight to behold.

proven hollow said...

cool band. swell guys. being currently located in athens, i have seen these fellas fairly often, although not that often recently. never saw them with dual(duel) drummers, may be a recent thing. or a "special" thing, as they have been known to "mix it up" on occasion. anyway, i have a couple of conclusions while i agree with most of what graysome has said, for i too am "oldz". this is what you would normally refer to as a "good" band. they are excellent musicians and swell fellas as stated. however, this shit is just too fucking much. i mean, it's alot. it's alot to take in, it's alot to digest, and most times it just feels like too god damn much. i have never heard their albums, nor will i probably listen to this one, but live they are just a huge fucking mouthful and i eventually have to leave and then say to the old doorguy "fucking hell the kids todays and their musics and musicianship." for some reason when i first saw them they reminded me of braid but in hyper drive. anyway, their drummer (not sure if he's still in the band) was(is) fucking amazing. you went to go see the band because you wanted to watch the drummer play. and that is all i have to say this morning.

cdb said...

They were doing the 2-drummer thing back in 05. I saw them 2 or 3 times in a short span around then (my old band Textbook played with them), and I think they did it 2 of the 3 times.

And yeah, their regular drummer is a monster for sure.

ryan said...

I didn't "begin listening in earnest" until the 00s and Fugazi is my favorite dischord band. Actually, my favorite band end of. I dunno if it's as clear cut as you say man. Anyway I really dig cinemechanica too, and I don't know where I'm going with all of this, yeah.

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