Friday, July 2, 2010

unsane - amrep christmas

released 1997

this is just a taste of what you could possibly see if you decide to drop by grumpy's in minneapolis the night before the amrep anniversary bash

this was recorded at the turf club in st. paul,mn

not only do you get to hear the band cover led zeppelin's "four sticks" even get to hear the cows play a song ("hitting a wall") as they were asked to get on stage to play by the band and the audience

you know where to go from here

1 - sick
2 - straight
3 - out
4 - no soul
5 - can't see
6 - body bomb
7 - test of faith
8 - swim
9 - four sticks*
10 - empty cartridge
11 - get off my back
12 - special guest appearance**

*=led zeppelin cover

DL: amrep christmas


julio said...

great stuff. the led version rules.

tks for this!

all good!!!

toposheet said...

had this...then i didn' i do, again.


can't wait for the friday night before...haven't seen UNSANE since '96.

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