Friday, July 2, 2010

amrep bash II: electric boogaloo

as if there weren't enough reasons to attend the 20th anniversary bash

you now have another whole set of reasons

it's as if you're being pressured into going...i mean...come on...all the cool kids are gonna be there

more info can be found here're running out of time to get your tickets for bash last look...that counter to loserdom is getting you closer to being just that (there are 163 left)

AND unsane is playing their SCATTERED,SMOTHERED & COVERED album in it's entirety for free at grumpy's the night before the bash


Sean said...

Is there going to be a roped-off, beer soaked, dark corner for the Shinygrey contingency? I want to drink with the cool kids!

ipecac said...

look for the first person passed out in their own filth...that will be the SGM group...and if you feel comfortable enough to lay down next to that're ok in our book

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